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Athlete Spotlight - Devin McCormick

Athlete Spotlight - The Run Formula One on One Coached Client Devin McCormack coached by Beth Peterson

Questions for Devin

How long have you been racing?
I started running Obstacle Course races recreationally 4 years ago and quickly transitioned to trail running soon after.

What are your goals for this season?  Long Term?
This season I hope to complete my first 50k at the end of June. Long term I want to stay as healthy and I can and go as far as my legs will carry me! Coach Beth has even introduced me to cycling which has made a great addition to my endurance training. Who knows, maybe someday I'll go for an endurance cycling race or even an Ironman!

What is your favorite workout?
My favorite workouts are my long runs, hands down. I love going out and exploring the mountains the most; the tougher the terrain, the happier I am!

What brought you to running?
I had always tried casual running as a form of exercise but never stuck with it. However, as soon as I got a taste of trail running from participating in OCRs, I knew I was hooked on trail running. I especially like races that push my endurance and mental capabilities by scrambling up and down steep and technical terrain. Since becoming a trail runner, I've consistently been surprised by what my body is capable of and I hope that I can continue chasing that potential for years to come.
What did you do in 2020 to keep yourself motivated?
2020 canceled my first planned marathon (VCM), so instead, I designed my own 26.2 and ran it in the ADKs. I wanted to run a marathon to officially achieve the distance before going after a trail 50k, but VCM is a road race and pretty flat. My new plan gave me the perfect opportunity to throw some elevation into my marathon and put trail running back in my training. It was really tough, but I finished my first marathon and made the training fun along the way.

When did you begin with The Run Formula?
Two years ago.

Why did you decide to train with The Run Formula?
I had run a 25k trail race, a 31k desert race, and was training for Vermont City Marathon when I tore my calf muscle. I had trained way too hard way too fast, and The Run Formula was recommended to me by a co-worker. Ever since I've been running happy and injury-free!

Who is your coach?
Beth Peterson

What do you like best about working with Beth?
I would not be where I am without Beth.  A marathon still felt like a pipe dream when I started with The Run Formula, and with both her coaching and nutrition guidance I finished my first attempt with so much more energy and strength than I ever thought possible. But most of all, she makes training just as fun as the racing which just further fuels my drive to go after the next milestone.  

Questions for Coach Beth

What do you like most about coaching Devin?
Devin is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever coached.  She not only does her training to a “T” but she also does all the little things - body work, strength work, SLEEP, good nutrition, etc!  And it pays off.  She recovers incredibly fast and stays injury free despite a BIG workload!

What is one things which stands out most about Devin?
Most certainly her positivity.  Even when she’s down, she can think of positives!  She very clearly has a passion for running and a zest for life and it’s a joy to be around someone like that.  She’s had her fair share of disappointments but she can turn it around incredibly quickly.  I truly love working with her!

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