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Run Formula Marathon Challenge

October 01, 2017


Thinking of running a marathon this fall?  Now is the time!  Sign up for the Run Formula Marathon Challenge, train with us and be eligible for awesome prizes!  Maybe you are running your first marathon or your 50th.  Maybe you are a triathlete that has completed your season but are looking to stay in shape and translate your hard earned triathlon fitness into marathon success.  Either way, join us!  All are welcome! 

The Run Formula Marathon Challenge is designed to keep you fit and training this fall and winter, with a marathon finish as the goal.  For fun, we've got some prizes!  Predict your time and win big!  Or win our grand raffle prize which is FREE entry into a QT2, ORR, Run Formula or Cycling Formula camp OF YOUR CHOICE!  You are automatically entered into the raffle prize drawing with entry into the challenge. 

Pick a marathon, anywhere you choose! 

This fall and winter.   Any marathon in October, November, December or January is eligible for the Marathon Challenge! 

1) Sign up for a discounted Run Formula per diem mission marathon plan HERE.  Use discount code MARATHONQT2 for 20% off if you are a current QT2 or ORR athlete.  Use discount code MARATHON for 10% off if you are not currently one of our athletes.  This will enter you into the official Marathon Challenge! 
2) Predict your marathon finish time.  
3) Train for your marathon following your Run Formula plan.  Keep fit and enjoy the fall/winter running weather! 
4) Enjoy FREE webinars along the way about open marathon fueling, race execution, etc… Also, gain full access to The Run Formula member area and all it's great resources, including member discounts, guides to run nutrition, run mechanics and injury prevention, our member forum and explanation of our strength training and key workouts! 
5) Race your fall marathon! 
6) Win some awesome prizes AND receive your official Marathon Challenge T-shirt!!  Raffle prize open to anyone who participates in the challenge: FREE camp!  Special prediction contest prize for the athlete who most closely predicts their marathon time: $100 gift certificate, good for any non-recurring QT2/ORR/Core Diet/RF/CF service (apparel, camps, nutrition/fueling plans, etc...). 

  • You must purchase a Run Formula per diem mission plan to be entered into the Marathon Challenge.  Using the discount codes will identify you as a Challenge participant.  Minimum plan length is 8 weeks. 
  • Current Run Formula athletes training for a marathon can enter the Marathon Challenge by emailing, their goal marathon and predicted time. 
  • Your marathon must be within the October 1, 2017 to January 31, 2018 time frame.