Winter training for summer success.

Jan 30, 2018While July warmth and humidity may be hard to imagine when you’re blasted with sub-zero temperatures, snow, ice and 20 mph winds; it really is important that you get creative and disciplined with your training now to ensure that you’re ready for race day. Here are a few guidelines and strategies to build fitness and durability to handle more run training when the snow melts.

Tips for running in the winter dark.

Jan 19, 2018Tis the season for hot cocoa, warm fires, fleece lined boots and snowmen. And darkness. Lots and lots of darkness. And very few available daylight hours. Which can definitely put a damper on your outdoor running.

Run Cadence Questions Answered!

Nov 10, 2017One of the most oft asked questions that I get as a running coach, is about run cadence. Most especially since the popularity of watches that track cadence, has grown. What should it be? How do I improve it? WHY should I improve it?

Apple Cinnamon Oat Muffins

Dec 04, 2016Looking for a delicious, low-fat, high-fiber snack? These muffins are healthy and perfect for an on-the-go athlete in the thick of marathon training!

Why is training for a marathon so life changing? I can answer that in 1 word: TRUST.

Nov 11, 2016"I dare you to run a marathon and not have it change your life" ~ Susan Sidoriak

Running may be my passion, but coaching is my calling.

Sep 30, 2016Do you what to know what it's like to be a running coach? On race day you're a ball of nerves as you track athletes from your phone waiting for the splits to update. "RUN FASTER" you erupt as you scream at your phone in the grocery store!! This behavior is totally normal, right? Now imagine RACING with your athletes. In early September Kass Berry, a Run Formula coach raced alongside seven of her athletes and here's what happened.

How running 75 miles a week left me out of shape.

Sep 21, 2016The story of how running truly hurt my training.

The DO's and DON'Ts of Marathon Training

Aug 26, 2016


Are you racing a Fall marathon? Or pondering training for a Spring marathon? From learning how/when/what nutrition to take on a long run to planning out lead up races in your training cycle- there's a lot to learn in marathon training!! Don't worry- we've got you covered!! Listed below are the DO's and DON'Ts that the coaches at The Run Formula live by when beginning a marathon training cycle. 

Coach Shutt and The Comeback at Ironman Lake Placid.

Aug 05, 2016Shutt the front door!! After a year and a half of injuries The Run Formula coach and Pro triathlete Beth Shutt races Lake Placid and comes out on top! Here's how it happened...

Summer running: Finding strength thru discomfort.

Jul 20, 2016


Do you know that tingling sensation that envelopes your body as you hasten your pace? Your turnover accelerates and you become simultaneously energized and slightly light headed as your skin tingles its way into a tempo. A smirk briefly appears before it is washed away and replaced with a look of pure grit. From that moment on all of the parts of your body, this beautiful piece of machinery, miraculously work in sync to swiftly move you across the Earth. Why wouldn’t you want to experience this rush where your power, confidence and body align to propel you forward on the pavement?

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Run Formula Racing Singlets NOW AVAILABLE!

February 10, 2017

Get your racing singlet today!

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Run Camp in Vermont!

January 05, 2017

This is our 2.5-day training camp for distance runners of all speeds. The Run Formula training camps are an ideal, fun strategy to prepare for anything from a half marathon through an ultra-distance race with a supportive squad and guidance from Run Formula coaches. All camps include technical learning components and address sport-specific topics such as fueling, heart rate pacing, logistics preparation, injury-prevention, recovery tactics, and more.

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Fall Marathon Training Plan Discount!

June 28, 2016

The time to start training for that fall marathon is NOW!  Let us help you get there with a Run Formula customized training plan.

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The Run Formula shirts for sale!

April 18, 2016

The Run Formula now has it's own gear!  Get 'em while their hot (and still available): The Run Formula tech tees.

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FREE Ultra Running Webinar now available!

April 13, 2016

If you've ever considered going beyond the marathon, we've got a free webinar to help you get started!

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Chicago Marathon slots available!

March 22, 2016

One of our awesome charity partners, Smile Train, has slots to the Chicago Marathon and have made them available to our athletes!  

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Your 26.2 is Changing Names!

March 17, 2016

We are now the Run Formula.  We have a new logo and new name, but you can still expect the same great services!

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Black Friday Thru Cyber Monday SALE!

November 27, 2015

Your 26.2 is offering, during Black Friday thru Cyber Monday ONLY, a HUGE sale across ALL of its products and services!

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Boston Marathon Mission Plan Special!

November 02, 2015

Your 26.2 is offering a one-year introductory rate to its Annual Mission Plan Program in honor of our FORTY TWO Boston Marathon Qualifiers in 2015!

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FREE Marathon Training Plans Now Available

April 24, 2015

FREE marathon training plans and membership available again!  There are four different options available to you, as based on your current fitness and experience level.

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  • Over the past year you've taken me from a 4 ½ hour marathoner to a Boston qualifier. I stepped on the starting line at 160 pounds. In 5 months of training I dropped 18 pounds and 35 minutes off my previous marathon.
    Dave Dulong
  • The Run Formula worked with me on every aspect of training. The Run Formula program is flexible and produces great results. This program has been and still is well worth the investment.
    Ginny Ford
  • The Run Forumula has changed the way I train. Since working with them I have been able to do more with less. I am finally injury free, and have never once felt beat up during my peak training. I continue to set PRs. Thanks!
    Phil DiRusso

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