Heart rate training: It's time to think big picture!

Jun 15, 2016Why train to heart rate? Because you can't fake science!

Five MORE running shoe questions, answered!

Jun 01, 2016Do socks really make a difference? How should I lace my shoes if my feet are different sizes? Do the feet really grow throughout the lifespan? All these answers and more...

Your top 5 running shoe questions, ANSWERED.

May 20, 2016When should I replace my shoes? Will running barefoot make me stronger? Why do I get plantar fasciitis flare-ups in the summer/fall? And more! Your questions, answered!

Running shoes demystified: Seeing beyond the brand.

Apr 30, 2016It's time you put your brand loyalty aside and begin to learn about the four main shoe categories.

Running shoes demystified: How to know when it's time to invest in new running shoes?

Apr 04, 2016Five ways to tell if your running shoes have been loved to death! ... and you need a new pair of shoes.

Coach-to-Athlete Q&A Time!

Mar 25, 2016Coach-to-Athlete Q Time. Open to all Run Formula Athletes!

Meet The Run Formula's NEWEST Coach!

Mar 23, 2016

A year ago I met my soon-to-be coach, Beth Shutt for coffee. For several weeks before we met in person we talked on the phone here and there and emailed routinely about my Boston marathon training. Out of the kindness of her heart Beth put up with my incessant questions about anything and everything running related. I say this because at that point she wasn’t my actually my one-on-one coach, rather I had simply paid for the mission-plan option with The Run Formula. With this option a coach creates your training plan and to some extent you are sent on your merry way (well, not really - there is an online group forum where you can post any/all run questions and get a response back within 24 hours).

There’s no magic in marathon: The five pillars of race day success.

Mar 01, 2016There's no magic in marathon. Maximizing your race day performance requires months and weeks of practice learning the ins and outs of your body and what is truly capable of at the big event. You put it the work, you reap the rewards. It's really just that simple!

Saying ‘so long’ to your sole-mate: The benefits of training in two shoes.

Feb 09, 2016Many runners spend their days scouring the earth’s surface to find that single special set of shoes that will take them to marathon greatness. These runners mistakenly hunt for their soulmate as they believe there is only one special shoe out there that can get them to the starting line unscathed. But what if you not only could- but possibly SHOULD train in more than one shoe to prepare for race day? What if training in two shoes actually has real physical, psychological and training benefits that can enhance your race day performance?

Dressing for the three C’s of winter: The crisp, the cold and the cruel.

Jan 15, 2016Not sure what to wear when you have to brave the cold temperatures for your long run? You’re not alone! Many runners have difficulty knowing how to dress for winter’s ever-changing conditions. Whipping winds, slippery snow and brutally cold temperatures often make for challenging- but not impossible- training runs. Investing in durable and functional gear allows for runner to comfortably train through the majority of winter’s extreme conditions.

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Fall Marathon Training Plan Discount!

June 28, 2016

The time to start training for that fall marathon is NOW!  Let us help you get there with a Run Formula customized training plan.

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The Run Formula shirts for sale!

April 18, 2016

The Run Formula now has it's own gear!  Get 'em while their hot (and still available): The Run Formula tech tees.

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FREE Ultra Running Webinar now available!

April 13, 2016

If you've ever considered going beyond the marathon, we've got a free webinar to help you get started!

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Chicago Marathon slots available!

March 22, 2016

One of our awesome charity partners, Smile Train, has slots to the Chicago Marathon and have made them available to our athletes!  

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Your 26.2 is Changing Names!

March 17, 2016

We are now the Run Formula.  We have a new logo and new name, but you can still expect the same great services!

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Black Friday Thru Cyber Monday SALE!

November 27, 2015

Your 26.2 is offering, during Black Friday thru Cyber Monday ONLY, a HUGE sale across ALL of its products and services!

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Boston Marathon Mission Plan Special!

November 02, 2015

Your 26.2 is offering a one-year introductory rate to its Annual Mission Plan Program in honor of our FORTY TWO Boston Marathon Qualifiers in 2015!

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FREE Marathon Training Plans Now Available

April 24, 2015

FREE marathon training plans and membership available again!  There are four different options available to you, as based on your current fitness and experience level.

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Spring Marathon Discount

December 01, 2014

Planning a spring marathon?  It's time to start training and Your 26.2 has a perfect offer just for you!  We are discounting our Annual Mission Plans $15 per month, bringing the cost down from $75/month to $60/month for a total savings of $180.

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New Webinars Available

October 31, 2014

Several new webinars have been added to your Member Area for your viewing pleasure.  These are available free of charge to all Your 26.2 athletes.

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  • Over the past year you've taken me from a 4 ½ hour marathoner to a Boston qualifier. I stepped on the starting line at 160 pounds. In 5 months of training I dropped 18 pounds and 35 minutes off my previous marathon.
    Dave Dulong
  • The Run Formula worked with me on every aspect of training. The Run Formula program is flexible and produces great results. This program has been and still is well worth the investment.
    Ginny Ford
  • The Run Forumula has changed the way I train. Since working with them I have been able to do more with less. I am finally injury free, and have never once felt beat up during my peak training. I continue to set PRs. Thanks!
    Phil DiRusso

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