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Why Choose Us

The Run Formula does not charge money for prepackaged programs! Instead, we provide you with a detailed training program based on your specifics, limiters, and life's logistics. If you would like a prepackaged training program, you can have it for FREE, here: Free Marathon Training Plan.

We also provide you with unmatched support and educational tools that complete the five cornerstones of marathon success: training, nutrition, fueling, pacing, and mental fitness. Miss one of these cornerstones, and you may not see the results that you would expect (most runners only focus on the training piece....we've met thousands that fail!). We've seen too many athletes become injured, burnt-out, and frustrated that their training doesn't translate into faster race times. Most athletes, and their families, make tremendous sacrifices in order to train for a marathon. Race day should reflect your sacrifices and efforts! For just $75 each 28 days, you can make steady progress year in and year out, stay uninjured, lose weight, and have fun with our marathon training group! Try us out with a per diem plan today, and experience The Run Formula! If this is your first time trying our service, we'd be happy to provide you a 20% discount on your plan (we are so confident that you will stay, we don't mind providing a large discount!). Just contact us, and we will provide you the 20% discount code to use at checkout.

What we do that many others don't:

  • Provide a strength training program to avoid common marathon training injuries
  • Provide a nutrition program to help you lose weight and improve performance
  • Provide a fueling program to help you improve performance during both training and racing
  • Provide you with a team of like-minded individuals throughout the country, who are training towards the same goal!
  • Provide unlimited coach support to answer any questions that you may have
  • Provide prepackaged training programs for FREE

Our coaches have been in the endurance sports world for over 30 years as both athletes and successful coaches. You will not find a more experienced and knowledgeable team of coaches with real world experience anywhere else. They are here to help YOU! Our programs take patience, but that patience will pay off over the long term!