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Virtual Weekend Marathon Challenge

Join us in The Run Formula's Weekend Marathon Challenge, brought to you by COVID-19!

How does it work?

The Run Formula's COVID-19 Weekend Marathon Challenge will take place Friday through Sunday, April 17-19, 2020. Participants will run a marathon over the course of those three days, as follows:

  • Friday, April 17th - a 3.1 mile Time Trial
  • Saturday, April 18th - two (2) 5-mile Time Trials. One in the morning, and the other in the afternoon/evening.
  • Sunday, April 19th - a 13.1 mile Time Trial

This page is ONLY for non-QT2 Systems, LLC athletes who would like to take part in the "scored challenge" and be eligible for the NormaTec and Hyperice raffle prizes, valued at almost $1800 (see below)!!!

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This is NOT a race against one another. Since we're not allowed to be near anyone, it will be a race against yourselves! Send us your current Z1 pace (if you are not a QT2 Systems athlete, we can help you to get close enough), and we will assign you a 'marathon score'. Then, over the course of the weekend, on your hometown terrain, come as close to your marathon score (or faster!!!) as you can. We will calculate, for you, a 'weekend score', based upon your time trial runs. The athletes whose 'weekend score' comes the closest (or faster than!) their 'marathon score' will be the winners! We will have four (4) Run Formula prize packs, full of sponsor goodies, for the male and female winners, as well as the next two best performances. And all who complete the challenge will be eligible to win our three (3) raffle prizes, a Hyperice Hypersphere Mini ($149 value), a Hyperice Hypervolt ($349 value) , and a Pulse 2.0 NormaTec Recovery System ($1295 value).
Specific details on how to complete the "scored challenge" will be shared in follow-up emails. We will compile a list of runners and reach out to you by April 10th, in order to get your 'Z1' pace (steady-state), assign you a 'marathon score', as well as communicate the weekend's rules/expectations.
Don't forget to join the challenge's facebook Event page, HERE!