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Ultra/Trail Running

Whether you are training for your first 50K or you’re proficient at the 100 mile distance, The Run Formula has the experience and knowledge to help to reach your goals.  We have been working with and coaching ultra-runners for over 10 years using specific protocols that identify athlete weaknesses and address them directly.  The process developed by The Run Formula looks at all areas of an athlete’s potential limiters including but not limited to nutrition, fueling, mental fitness, strength training, and running itself.   We have dedicated and trained ultra/trail running coaches, John SpinneyLindsay Simpson, Jack Pilla, and Amy Rusiecki who have the know-how to race ultra distance on the trails, as well as coach athletes through the experience.  We also have ultra distance dedicated registered dietitians who will help you conquer the ever so important nutrition factor.  Training + execution +nutrition = results!


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Testimonial by Kris Cargile

Training with John has completely transformed my running. I had always struggled just to be a mid-pack runner, and my goal of becoming competitive at ultramarathon distances felt nearly unattainable. But after some focused planning and a ton of hard work, John put me at the front of the pack--including a top ten, twenty hour hundred mile finish. I couldn't be happier. John is super knowledgeable, is an amazing athlete in his own right, and is a hell of a great great guy. It's been a real pleasure to work with him.

--Kris Cargile, sub 20 hour 100 mile finisher