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Meet The Run Formula's NEWEST Coach!

A year ago I met my soon-to-be coach, Beth Shutt for coffee. For several weeks before we met in person we talked on the phone here and there and emailed routinely about my Boston marathon training. Out of the kindness of her heart Beth put up with my incessant questions about anything and everything running related. I say this because at that point she wasn’t my actually my one-on-one coach, rather I had simply paid for the mission-plan option with The Run Formula. With this option a coach creates your training plan and to some extent you are sent on your merry way (well, not really - there is an online group forum where you can post any/all run questions and get a response back within 24 hours).

But that wasn’t really for me. Sorry. Not how I roll. I’m Kass. I’m needy. I’m passionate about running. I want one-on-one attention to questions I have about my running and training. So Beth and I emailed a ton when she lived in PA and she did a fantastic job putting up with me.

THEN I learned that she was moving to the greater Boston area and I just had to meet her. I emailed her (naturally) and we set up a date to meet in person!! How did I choose to repay Beth for all of her amazing support, guidance and kindness?? I asked her for a job. Seriously. The first time I met with Beth I bluntly asked her, “So, are you guys hiring?? I REALLY love the idea of coaching marathoners and helping other runners reach their goals!!!” Caught completely off-guard Beth slowly sipped her coffee to give her an extra few seconds of time to think. “Well Kass, if you want to coach for us, you kind of need to be coached by us first. You will need to fully embrace training to heart rate and most importantly you need to learn how and why we work the way we do.”

And so I did.

I have spent the last year being coached by Beth to run a 3:23 in horrid conditions at the 2015 Boston Marathon and break 20 min to PR in the 5k!! I have learned that coaching is a whole lot more than just creating a training plan for a runner. A good coach knows when to be flexible with her athletes and when to push back. A good coach knows what her athlete’s strengths and helps the athlete to improve upon his/her weaknesses. A great coach not only talks to her athletes but also listens!!

I have concurrently spent past 6-8 months being trained (and taking weekly tests) in The Run Formula’s training methodology: heart rate training, the five pillars of recovery, the core diet, how to craft periodized training programs and more.

During this time I also built up my own barrage of 15 athletes whom I provide one-on-one coaching (all of these athletes will now become part of TRF!) to get my feet wet in the field. Oh yea, and forgot to mention that I have spent the past 2+ years working full time at the local running store.

In actuality every step I have taken in regards to my running and training has led me to this moment in which I proudly announce that

I am now officially a one-on-one coach for The Run Formula!! 

I am so incredibly excited to work closely with runners of all experience levels, learn even more about the run game and chase down good times and PR’s aplenty!

So let’s get started!!

Never stop running,

Coach Kass

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