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Foam Rolling As An Alternative to Massage

One of our Your262 clients sent us a blog post she thought might be worth sharing so we in turn have decided to pass it along.

You’ve seen the process. You go to the gym and there on the mats are men and women sprawled out rolling themselves back and forth across a foam roller. But does it do anything? Well, from this client, it’s a good alternative to an expensive hands-on massage:

Massages were starting to get too expensive. I decided to try the foam roller. My girlfriend swore by it. Ha, we’ll let me tell you, I swore AT it. The idea behind it is that you use the roller against the muscle knots with your own body weight to generate direct pressure to help release the knots. It is one thing to have a massage therapist do this, you endure it, and you paid for it. Quite another to try and push through the pain when you are the one doing it to yourself. I gave it a week to see if it would make any kind of difference as I was quite skeptical that it would work.

I would do the foam roller at night before I went to bed. Some of the areas that I tried to focus on were my IT bands, hamstrings and quads. I would roll back and forth across my IT bands for about a minute with my top leg and foot on the ground on the floor. An especially sore spot I would stop and relax into it for about 10 or 15 seconds. I would then do some IT stretches when I was done. Then I would do the same for the quad and hamstring areas. My IT bands were by far the most painful area to roll on. By the end of the week it was less painful and stretching was becoming easier.

I decided to advance to the next level. When I rolled on my IT band I would lift both legs off the ground. This definitely added more pressure and pain but it was getting into deeper muscles. I started using the foam roller on my lower back. I could actually feel it loosening up as I rolled away on it. Although I love going for a massage, the foam roller is a great inexpensive alternative.

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