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Coach Jesse's 2:47 Boston Marathon Details

Your 26.2 coach and founder Jesse Kropelnicki lined up for the 2nd time at this year's Boston Marathon.  The following are some details of his day, which ended in an impressive 2:47:55 final time! 

Training: Jesse has run a miniumum of 20 minutes/day for the past 2.5 years.  More specifically, leading into this year's Boston Marathon, his buildup looked like this:

4 weeks of 50 miles/week

Recovery week (35 miles)

3 weeks of 60 miles/week

Recovery week (35 miles)

1 week of 40 miles/week

Race week

This entire build only included four speed work sessions.  Aerobic (zone 1) running is where it's at to build durability, and avoid the primary limiter most athletes have on race day!  Jesse also never ran over 2:10 in any one single run.  Durability is about consistent weekly mileage, not the single sloppy long runs most folks do to pad their ego!

Clothing Choice:  This year's Boston Marathon brought cold, windy and WET conditions.  Although clothing choice doesn't seem like a huge factor to racing success, this year it made a difference for many!  Jesse wears tights when the temperature is under 55 degrees because he gets cold very easily.  So tights it was!  He might have been the only one, but he definitely did not end up in the medical tent at the finish line with hypothermia, like many others.

Toasty warm.

Fueling: Per Core Diet principles, 3 hours before, Jesse had the usual pre-race breakfast of whey protein, PowerBar Perform, unsweetened applesauce and a banana.  Fifteen minutes prior to the start of his wave, Jesse took a caffeinated PowerBar gel and then during the race, he used double caffeinated gels every 30 minutes (6 total).  He also sipped on sports drink at every aid station.  This allowed for a steady intake of carbohydrate, sodium and other electrolytes, and of course, caffeine.  

Pacing: Instead of aiming for a particular pace, Jesse let heart rate dictate his race plan.  Given his durability (meeting critical volume for 2+ weeks prior to the race), he felt comfortable that he'd be able to average threshold heart rate (middle of zone 3).  In open marathons, the best paced days typically cover a 10 beat window between the lowest HR mile to the highest HR mile.  With that in mind, Jesse looked to average the lower 5 beats of his zone 3 heart rate range and the upper 5 beats the second half.

You can check out each of Jesse's mile split on his Strava file of Boston here.

Jesse's Boston file including pace (blue), heart rate (red) and cadence (pink).

All in all, a very successful day, especially give the tough conditions!  Congrats to Coach Jesse and ALL the Your 26.2 athletes who conquered the Boston Marathon this year!  

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