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Athlete Spotlight - Mado Mbuyamba

Questions for Mado:

How long have you been racing?

14 years.

What are your goals for this season?  Long Term?

I just ran the Virtual Boston Marathon.  My goal was just to finish.  I was very pleased with how it went and how I felt during and after the race.  In the long term, I see myself running a few more marathons, hoing to get close, if not below, a 4:30 finish time.  I am really looking forward to running more in-person races in the coming months.

What is your favorite workout?

I just love runnning, but I tend to enjoy a speed workout, especially when I can make it to the track.  It is always a good feeling when the workout is well executed and you run faster than you expected.

What brought you to running?

I have always loved running - during my teen years at school (I was a very average runner) and then as an adult.  My view of running changed when I discovered racing.  My first official race was the Tufts 10K in 2007.  The following year, I joined a running club and racing then became a big part of my life.

What did you do in 2020 to keep yourself motivated?

I kept in running and training.  Having a schedule keeps me motivated and driven.  This year, I ran a few virtual races and joined a few runs with my running club.  Running is my way to stay physically and mentally strong and sound.

When did you begin with The Run Formula?

Summer 2018.

Why did you decide to train with The Run Formula?

My sister and I decided to train for the Amsterdam Marathon.  And it was about time I signed up for one-on-one coaching as I was looking to improve and performa better with long distance running.  But truly my main goal was to do better than my sister's personal best. I got close.  I was very happy with my finish - even more by crossing the finish line before my sister!

Who is your coach?

Kait Curbeau

What do you like best about working with your coach?

I like how she can chat away.  She is very sweet.  She has been very patient, supportive and instructive.  She provides helpful guidance when I do not do well with a specific workout.  I am always looking forward to reading her feedback and comments on my completed workouts.  It always brings a sense of contentment, as well as joy, a big smile and also laughter!

Questions for Coach Kait:

What do you like most about coaching Mado?

Mado is one of the most consistent athletes I have ever coached. Her TrainingPeaks is almost all green boxes!  She brings a positive, can-do attitude to all her runs, and works hard to hit the goals of every workout - whether it's a speed workout on the track or a super-easy recovery run.  She fully believes and trusts in the process and has been a joy to coach.

What is one thing which stands out most about Mado?

The thing that stands out most to me about Mado is her love of running. It truly shines through in her consistency and attitude.

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