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Athlete Spotlight - Caitlin Schwartz

Questions for Caitlin:

How long have you been racing?  

15 years

What are/were your goals for this season? 

My goal this year was to run the Rock the Ridge 50 miler.  It was my first ultra, and not only did my husband support me in reaching this goal, but he ran it with me.  I'm not ready for the season to be over, so my goal is to run some faster, shorter distances for the remainder of the year.   

Long Term?  

Get quicker and eventually qualify for Boston. 

What is your favorite workout? 

Hill bounding!  

What brought you to running? 

I also ride horses competitively and began running to stay fit for riding.  

What did you do in 2020 to keep yourself motivated?  

During 2020, having a plan and something consistent kept me going.  I looked forward to my workouts.  

When did you begin with The Run Formula?  

December 2018

Why did you decide to train with The Run Formula? 

My husband started working with QT2, and I loved the training, structure, and feedback he was getting, so I decided to train with The Run Formula. I had one conversation with Courtney and knew she and The Run Formula were right for me.  

Who is your coach?  

Courtney Kutler

What do you like best about working with your coach?  

There are so many things....  Her unwavering dedication to helping me become the best runner I can be.  She also balances giving me constructive feedback while also being my cheerleader perfectly.  

Questions for Coach Courtney:

What do you like most about coaching Caitlin?

Caitlin always has a positive attitude about coaching.  She truly loves the process.  She is really great about finding the time to fit in the training even with her busy work schedule.

What is one thing which stands out most about Caitlin?

Just one?!?  I love the sense of adventure she and her husband, Ian (a QT2 athlete) share together.  They really embrace life!

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