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Meet Leslie Why

Next up in our athlete profile series is Your 26.2 runner Leslie Why!

How long have you been a runner?  

30 years! (some dabbling with 10Ks as a kid playing lacrosse too)

What is your goal race or races for 2015? 

Big Lake Half Marathon and Loco Marathon!

Favorite distance to race?

Half to full marathon.

Favorite place to run?

Anywhere without altitude and with awesome running buddies.

When did you get started running? 

Started running as a way to get in shape for lacrosse in 7th grade.

What is your favorite thing about training? 

Seeing the planned out progress and feeling the strength and power in my body thru the progress.

What is your favorite thing about racing? 

I love picking people off one by one by racing smart.

Favorite gel flavor? 

GU chocolate mint but I could never use it when running. :)  Probably PowerBar vanilla for workouts or Clif Blocs dark cherry are least offensive!

Best piece of advice for new runners? 

Plan the work, work the plan, don't derail yourself by listening to what other people are doing...your body, your plan, your rules.

Favorite piece of training gear? 

Currently since it is COLD in NH it is a high vis yellow Avalanche jacket, quilted and ventilated in the chest, fleece arms, perfect temperature regulator!

Leslie modeling her favorite piece of running gear!

Favorite workout? 

Z1 run with Z2 intervals or wait, I really loved those 4x1 mile repeats :) and of course TRX!

What do you like most about Your 26.2?

What I like best about 26.2 is my amazing and attentive coach and her sage advice and support on a daily basis.  She is an excellent sounding board and pushes when a push is needed and pulls me back when reigning is needed.  Having a plan takes the stress out of training and the unneeded stress off my body.  As a certified running, triathlon and nutrition coach I "know" what to do but it is so much more effective to hand this over to a trusted coach with a PROVEN methodology that yields the results I am looking for year after year.

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