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Meet David Dulong

Next up in our athlete profile series is Your 26.2 runner David Dulong!

How long have you been a runner?

12 years

What is your goal race or races for 2015?

Boston Marathon

Favorite distance to race?


Favorite place to run?

NH Seacoast

When did you get started running?

I started running at 47 to get in better shape for hiking. When I turned 50 I decided to run a marathon with the Leukemia Lymphoma’s Team in Training. I got hooked and have been running marathons since. 

What is your favorite thing about racing?

I’m very competitive so it gives me outlet for that.

Favorite gel flavor?

PowerBar Kona Punch

Favorite race?

Boston Marathon. New York is a close second.

Best piece of advice for new runners?

Get hooked up with a coaching system like Your 26.2. They’ll help you reach your goals. I was often injured before I started with Your 26.2 and except for a hiking injury, I’ve been injury free.

Favorite piece of training gear?

My Garmin watch.

Favorite workout?

Long Runs

What do you most like about Your 26.2?

I like the structure they give me. Personally I need to have a goal. I need to have a race scheduled. I like knowing what my training schedule is and if I have any questions, there’s a coach to answer them. I’m 59 and still setting PR’s. That wouldn’t happen without Your 26.2.

David after a successful Marine Corp Marathon in Washington DC!

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