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The Run Formula was created for runners who would like to set PR's (personal records) year after year, and do so injury-free. The philosophies of our parent company, QT2 Systems, have developed hundreds of PR triathlon performances as well as Ironman champions. Elite level coach and Founder of QT2 Systems, Jesse Kropelnicki now brings these same philosophies to YOU: the beginner, advanced, or elite level marathoner! Like QT2 Systems, The Run Formula does not charge money for prepackaged programs! Instead, we provide you with a detailed training program based on your specifics, limiters, and life's logistics. We also provide you with unmatched support and education. If you would like a prepackaged training program, you can have it for FREE, here: Free Marathon Training Plan.

What we do that many others don't:

  • Provide a strength training program to avoid common marathon training injuries
  • Provide a nutrition program to help you lose weight and improve performance
  • Provide prepackaged training programs for FREE
  • Provide a fueling program to help you improve performance during both training and racing
  • Provide you with a team of like-minded individuals throughout the country, who are training towards the same goal!

Our The Run Formula staff, backed by the QT2 Systems staff have been in the endurance sports world for over 250 years, combined, as both athletes and successful coaches.  The Run Formula staff have all trained under the philosophies and protocols of The Run Formula as athletes, and then gone thru a very specific 6-month coaching training curriculum specific to our staff and company.  The bottom line is that you will not find a more experienced and knowledgeable team of coaches with real world experience anywhere else.

Reem Jishi

Operations Director

Jack Pilla

Ultra/Trail Coach

Amy Rusiecki

Ultra/Trail Coach

Lori Ashworth

Mental Fitness Coach