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How It Works

Joining The Run Formula means you are part of a run training team, all training toward a common goal: long term progress and consistent running! All of our training plans are written from scratch; no detail is spared. Our coaches have built an industry best reputation in the triathlon and run space based on their ability to pay attention to the details. If this is what you are looking for, you have come to the right place!


  1. 1-1 Coaching - If you are looking for more detailed support via your own personal coach including everything outlined in our Paid membership plus much more, this is the service for you. [$185/28days]. You may also add nutrition to this service for an additional $25/28 days plus a $230 one time fee.
  2. Mission Plans - provides access to all of our member area resources as well as a custom written training plan around your races, life logistics, and daily workout availability [detailed questionnaire required]. There are two payment options for this membership: 1) Per Diem - your plan is written for a specific goal event up to 30 weeks away. The fee for your plan is charged upon order based on the length of your plan. [$21/week]; 2) Annual - You have up to 52 weeks of training plan available each year. These can be broken up however you'd like. Finish one, then have us write the next, up to 3 plans a year! This option requires a 52 week commitment. [$75/28 days].
  3. Free Membership - sign up HERE to see basic training info to go with our free training plans.

What you get:

  1. You are part of a marathon training team, and you get the support of your team members!
  2. Training support via our Ask the Coach Forum with our coaches dedicated to answer questions via the forum, as needed (4 hour turnaround time in most cases).
  3. Online training log, where workouts are posted, and used to record results/track progress for each workout.
  4. You get your workouts emailed to you on your IPhone or Blackberry, two days in advance!
  5. Set-up of training periodization for your training plan. This will consider your goal races and other personal commitments such as work schedule, family schedule, etc (provided in PDF).
  6. Daily workouts, issued for entire period of your plan.
  7. Periodic (~monthly) web-based conference calls to ask questions of our coaches.
  8. Fueling guide, including how to fuel race day, the race day breakfast, and the carbohydrate load.
  9. Nutrition/Diet guide including detailed information on how to execute the Core Diet, lose weight, and improve performance. The Run Formula athletes also receive a 15% discount on all initial fees at!
  10. Injury fix guide detailing how to identify and recover from common running injuries (although we try to avoid them altogether).
  11. Run pace calculator which helps you determine a reasonable race pace based on your training metrics.
  12. Heart rate calculator which can be used by you to determine appropriate heart rate training zones.


FREE! $75/28 days $185/28 days
Run Training Team    
Team Forum    
Access to Team Apparel    
Run Pace Calculator    
Heart Rate Calculator    
Run Mechanics Guide    
Key Workouts Guide    
Your Name Added to Our Athlete Map    
Training Support via our Ask the Coach Forum    
Periodization for YOUR Training Plan (PDF)    
Detailed Strength Training Plan    
Online Training Log W/ Daily Workouts    
Workouts Emailed to You Every Day    
Training Plan Built Around YOUR Limiters and Races    
Training Plan Built Around YOUR Life Logistics    
Specific Field Testing and Review of HR zones    
Periodic (~monthly) Calls W/ Our Coaches    
Fueling Guide    
Nutrition/Diet Guide    
Injury Fix Guide    
Core Diet Discounts and Partner Discounts    
Your Own Personal Coach    
Race Pacing Plans For All Your Races    
Mental Strategies    
Race Fueling Plan    
Day to Day Nutrition Consultation & Plan    with nutrition add-on
Full Access to Core Diet Member Area    with nutrition add-on
Unlimited Access to a Registered Dietitian    with nutrition add-on


20% Discount Offer:

Are you new to the site, or a seasoned Run Formula FREE training plan user? Try our full blown paid program with a per diem Mission Plan today, and experience The Run Formula at its fullest! If this is your first time trying our service, we'd be happy to provide you a 20% discount on your plan (we are so confident that you will stay, we don't mind providing a large discount!). Just contact us, and we will provide you the 20% discount code to use at checkout.

How to start:

  1. Sign up [HERE].
  2. Have your custom training plan written by one of our coaches within 10 days, and receive access to the full member area immediately!
  3. You must have a heart rate monitor to properly use our training program. It is also recommended that you get a GPS device to help track your running pace progress.
  4. Access our member area, learn and begin training!

**NOTE: For per diem Mission Plans, the full Plan fee is charged upon order of your plan. Annual memberships require a 52 week commitment and are billed at $75 every 28 days by automatic credit card debit. No more than 3 plans per year will be written, or a total of 52 weeks of training for annual memberships (whichever limit is reached first).**