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Free Training Plans

Welcome to the FREE Marathon Training Plans section of The Run Formula! We have made four pre-packaged marathon training plans available to you, free of charge. Which of the following plans is right for you?

Couch to Marathon Beginner Experienced Elite
Training Experience No Experience Needed Some Prior Run Training Prior Marathon Training Prior Marathon Training
Starting Volume About 15 miles/week About 20 miles/week About 25 miles/week About 29 miles/week
Peak Volume About 45 miles/week About 45 miles/week About 55 miles/week About 65 miles/week
Racing Experience None Shorter road races Have completed 1-3 marathons Men - sub 2:55 Women - sub 3:15
Time Commitment Between 4 and 7.5 hours/week Between 4.5 and 7 hours/week Between 5 and 8 hours/week Between 5.5 and 8.5 hours/week

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All great training plans require equally great nutrition to get their full benefit. Check out the The Core Diet to help you with your body composition goals, and marathon nutrition!  The Core Diet is staffed with registered dietitians that work with athetes EVERY SINGLE DAY!

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