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Michelle Fisher

Michelle Fisher


In 2003 Michelle completed her first Boston Marathon and became hooked on endurance races. She has since completed the New York City, San Diego Rock and Roll, Philly, Chicago, Marine Corps, and Baystate marathons, as well as a three additional Boston Marathons. In 2007 Michelle broke into the triathlon scene and has since competed in several short course and long course triathlons, including 7 Ironman distance races: Arizona 2008, Lake Placid 2010, Ironman World Championships 2009 & 2010, Texas 2012, Florida 2012 and Texas 2018. 

Michelle began as an athlete with QT2 Systems in late 2007 and after following the QT2 protocol, she finished the Boston Marathon in a time of 3:19 (PR), and had several run and triathlon PR’s to follow – Half Marathon (1:28:14), Sprint (57:26), Olympic (2:24:35), Ironman 70.3 (4:45:47), and Ironman (10:24:56).  In the 2009 Ironman World Championships, Michelle’s run split (3:31) off the bike was fast enough to use as her qualifying time for the Boston Marathon!   

Michelle has an extreme passion for endurance sports. She has complete confidence in The Run Formula/ QT2 Systems training protocols given the significant improvement of her marathon and triathlon performances. Michelle currently races on the QT2 Advanced Team and is interested in helping athletes succeed in endurance sports. She plans to use her race experience and the proven TRF/QT2 protocol to empower the endurance athletes she coaches. Michelle has found with a little hard work, determination, and the right training program, one can make tremendous strides in endurance sports.