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Jack Pilla

Jack Pilla

Ultra/Trail Coach

Jack was late coming into his running career while in his 40’s but was always an endurance athlete. After his first marathon in 2001, he continued going farther and longer and started to compete in the ultra events in 2004 and has never looked back. Jack can be found running a local fast 5k or traveling to Europe to run a 200+ mile race in the Alps but is happiest when running along mountain summits and on the trails. To date, Jack has run over 80 ultra distance races, 30+ road marathons along with hundreds of other road and trail races.

Past accomplishments include winning the VT 100 Mile Endurance Run in 2009 at the age of 51, finishing in 22nd position overall at the Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc on 2011, the “Tour de France” of Ultra running, completing the Tor Des Geants in 2013, the toughest trail race in the world with 206 miles and 158,000 feet of elevation change in the Alps of Italy. And other wins at Stonecat 50, Finger Lakes 50, Feb-Apple 50, Green Mtn. Marathon, Rollin Irish Half Marathon, is a member of the GMAA USATF National Club Cross Country Championship Team and has a Marathon PR of 2:43:28 at Boston just two months before he turned 50.

Jack has been a personal running coach since 2009 and was the assistant XC coach for the girls at SB High School. He has helped numerous athletes accomplish their running goals whether it’s a win at a 100 mile race or achieving their BQ marathon time or just finishing a challenging race they never thought they could. He is a member of the Green Mountain Athletic Association, NE Regional Promotions and Events Director for Hoka One One and is the Pace team Coordinator for Vermont City Marathon. Jack enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience and hopes to help you accomplish your running goals and will work with you to develop a custom training plan to get results. “My goal is to listen to clients and help them define specific and realistic goals. After reviewing past performances and training methods, I will then develop a training program that will compliment their lifestyle and lead to achieving those goals”.