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August 12, 2019

Friends that train together stay together.  

The Run Formula is proud to announce it's REFER-A-FRIEND program.  With The Run Formula’s REFER-A-FRIEND program, you get all the benefits of a training and racing program AND receive a $100 credit for bringing in a new member. Do you have friends who run? Are you part of a running club? Have you set goals this year that you need to achieve? Are you looking to qualify for the Boston Marathon? Grab a friend and get to work - you could have a group of friends holding each other accountable on a daily basis - pushing one another to be your absolute best!! After all, training is always better with friends! 


DETAILS: Refer a friend and receive $100 credit towards your next billing cycle or plan purchase. For each newly referred client to any of The Run Formula’s services (1-1 coaching [4-payment minimum], annual Mission Plan [13-payment minimum] or a per diem Mission Plan of at least 16 weeks in length), you will receive $100.00 off of your next service booked or billing cycle. The referred athlete will need to identify that you sent him/her at the time of their booking.


The Run Formula Coaching Programs are designed to prepare runners for endurance events lasting anywhere from a 5k to a 100-mile race.  Whether a seasoned runner, looking to meet a new performance goal, or a first-time marathoner, this program will help achieve your goals. Through educating you on the principles of endurance training, hydration, nutrition techniques, body awareness, pacing and running autonomy, The Run Formula will take you the distance.

The Run Formula is associated with a nutrition partner, The Core Diet, who offers training and racing fueling plans.  The Core Diet works with endurance athletes to develop custom nutrition programs.   With this package, you receive an individualized race fueling plan will be created by a Registered Dietitian to specifically address your fueling needs during racing. If you have had cramping problems or fueling issues during your races, this option will be focused to resolve these issues. You and your coach will work together prior to your meeting to test and develop a practical race fueling protocol including specific carbohydrate, sodium, and fluid requirements for your carbohydrate load, race morning breakfast, and race day.  More information about The Core Diet, click HERE.

Have questions or want more information about The Run Formula and the services it provides? We’re happy to help!  Contact Beth Shutt at