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Welcome to Your 26.2!

May 24, 2011

Get a personalized training plan for your next marathon, receive online support from experienced coaches, and access our robust online resources area which includes a specific diet, and fueling program, and specific strength plan. Your 26.2's training protocols have proven time and again, to produce injury-free PR performances. Coaches Jesse Kropelnicki and Tim Snow bring over 30 combined years of endurance training and racing to marathoners the world over. Having produced innumerable PRs, including Boston qualifiers, these coaches know how to elicit improvement from even the most fit and experienced of runners. If you are a couch potato or weekend warrior looking to train for your first marathon, or an experienced elite-level runner trying to take it to the next level, then stay tuned for some exciting news to come. Train with Your 26.2, or race someone who does.