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This form is for new Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation members to request a plan with The Run Formula. It should be used upon start-up. Your new plan will be availble shortly!

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If you know your morning resting heart rate, please feel free to provide it here.
At what approximate weekly run volume (in miles and hours) have you been training over the past six (6) weeks?
What was your largest weekly volume (in miles and hours) over the past year?
What is the largest weekly mileage that you can logistically manage on a regular basis?
If possible, would you be able to add approximately 15% to your logistical maximum for a two-week buildup leading into this plan's major goal race?
Would you consider your typical day-to-day activities (work, hobbies, etc.) to be physically demanding?
Do you plan to participate in future events that benefit MMRF?
If you have any heart rate data, from past races/events, please feel free to provide it here.
At what approximate pace/speed do you typically run, when training or racing?  Please specify whether you are referring to racing and/or training.
Would you consider yourself to be more of an aerobic, or anaerobic-type of athlete?  Note:  Aerobic athletes tend to prefer, and best respond to, longer and steadier types of workouts.  Anaerobic athletes tend to prefer, and respond best to, shorter and more intense interval-based workouts.  
What is your athletic background?
Do you have any medical conditions or injuries that your coach should be aware of?
Do you have any current or recent overuse injuries?
Please list anything else that you would like us to know while we build your new plan!

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