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Looking to Run Boston in 2020? We Can Help!

April 25, 2019

Boston Marathon still on your mind?  For almost any marathoner, it’s a bucket list race.  Whether you qualified for Boston in 2019, toed the line on Marathon Monday, and ran your best race yet (or didn’t); or you just missed your qualifying time to participate in the marathon this year – Boston has that magical effect on runners to come back and do it again and again.  After all, what’s not to love about that race?!  It’s a New England holiday where the entire city shuts down for the day and enjoys participating and supporting on Marathon Monday.  The race itself is point-to-point, super spectator friendly, has huge crowds, the infamous (and sometime crushing!!) Heartbreak Hill and that glorious finish line experience – it’s hard not to think about Boston 2020.  Did you know the qualifying standards have been adjusted to five minutes quicker for all age groups? WE CAN HELP YOU QUALIFY!

This year, The Run Formula boasted its largest contingent yet with 34 athletes qualifying for Boston Marathon.  A huge shoutout to the coaches and their athletes for their commitment, focus and dedication to running and getting to that start line.  A lot of the work came in 2018 to qualify for Boston – marathons were selectively chosen, a customized plan was created for each particular athlete built around proven training protocols and sessions that have produced countless training protocols.  And it worked. 
We want to get YOU there in 2020. 

For a limited time, purchase a Run Formula Mission Plan for a discounted price using the code: BOS2020 and start planning your way to achieving your start line position at the Boston Marathon on April 20, 2020.

>>PER DIEM MISSION PLAN: $22 billed every week ($8 savings/week)

>>ANNUAL MISSION PLAN: $65 billed every 4 weeks ($10 savings/4 weeks) 


An individualized training program will be created to address your athletic goals for qualifying for the Boston Marathon, and fit your personal training volume, and planned races. This plan provides you with a structured plan, a group to help you stay motivated, and opportunities with The Run Formula Team Sponsors and various team events. Programs can consist of a full season plan (52 weeks) or as little as 8-12 weeks to train for a particular goal race.

  • Training support via our Ask the Coach Forum with our coaches dedicated to answer questions via the forum, as needed (4 hour turnaround time in most cases).
  • Online training log, where workouts are posted, and used to record results/track progress for each workout.
  • Initial phone call with the coach writing your plan, to review your initial athlete intake form, prior to each plan being written.
  • You get your workouts emailed to you on your phone.
  • Set-up of training periodization for your training plan. This will consider your goal races and other personal commitments such as work schedule, family schedule, etc.
  • Daily workouts issued for entire period of your plan.
  • Bi-monthly "office hour" live chats to ask questions of our coaches and dietitians.
  • Your fueling guide- including how to fuel race day, the race day breakfast, and the carbohydrate load.
  • Nutrition/Diet guide including detailed information on how to execute the Core Diet, lose weight, and improve performance.
  • Injury fix guide detailing how to identify and recover from common running injuries (although we try to avoid them altogether!).
  • Run pace calculator which helps you determine a reasonable race pace based on your training metrics.
  • Heart rate calculator which can be used by you to determine appropriate heart rate training zones.


  • Discount on The Core Diet services
  • 15% discount on The Run Formula's 2020 Boston Marathon Camp
  • Sponsor Promotion / Discounts for Boston Marathon Mission Plan Athletes

For more information, contact head coach: Beth Shutt at