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Boston Marathon Webinar Series - It's a Wrap - But You Can View Any Time

September 23, 2021

It's a wrap!  We have just completed our four week Run Your Best Boston webinar series.  All of the presentations are available for viewing or reviewing any time.

Week 1 focuses on optimizing your run mechanics on race day. Strong run mechanics can lead to improved speed, reduced fatigue and reduced likelihood of injury. In this webinar, Coach Reem Jishi provides you with some specific guidance on how to use video analysis and advanced run metrics to identify limiters and improve your running form. She also discusses run-specific stability and mobility exercises.

Week 2 looks at pre-race and race day fueling.  How we race is closely tied to how we fuel. Months of diligent training can be easily undercut by poor race day nutrition.   Registered Dietitian and Coach Beth Peterson provides the tips and tricks on how to nail your nutrition, so as to allow you to run your best race.

Week 3 focuses on the weeks, days, and hours leading up to race day. Getting the taper “right” is a critical part of training, and Coach Michelle Fisher walks you through an overview of how to train and rest during those final weeks.  Coach Jonathan Falk then takes you through pre-race and race-day logistics, including changes to the start of this year's race.  

Week 4 wraps things up with a discussion of pacing strategies and course preview.  Coach Reem Jishi covers the how to’s and pros and cons of pacing, based on Heart Rate, Rate of Perceived Exertion, Pace, and Power.  Coach Jonathan Falk provides a detailed course overview, and guidance on how to apply the pacing strategies to the Boston Marathon Course.

To view the webinars, click HERE.