The Run Formula was created for runners who would like to set PR's (personal records) year after year, and do so injury-free. The philosophies of our parent company, QT2 Systems, have developed hundreds of PR triathlon performances as well as Ironman champions. Elite level coach and Founder of QT2 Systems, Jesse Kropelnicki now brings these same philosophies to YOU: the beginner, advanced, or elite level marathoner! Like QT2 Systems, The Run Formula does not charge money for prepackaged programs! Instead, we provide you with a detailed training program based on your specifics, limiters, and life's logistics. We also provide you with unmatched support and education. If you would like a prepackaged training program, you can have it for FREE, here: Free Marathon Training Plan.

What we do that many others don't:

  • Provide a strength training program to avoid common marathon training injuries
  • Provide a nutrition program to help you lose weight and improve performance
  • Provide prepackaged training programs for FREE
  • Provide a fueling program to help you improve performance during both training and racing
  • Provide you with a team of like-minded individuals throughout the country, who are training towards the same goal!

Our The Run Formula staff, backed by the QT2 Systems staff have been in the endurance sports world for over 250 years, combined, as both athletes and successful coaches.  The Run Formula staff have all trained under the philosophies and protocols of The Run Formula as athletes, and then gone thru a very specific 6-month coaching training curriculum specific to our staff and company.  The bottom line is that you will not find a more experienced and knowledgeable team of coaches with real world experience anywhere else.

Jesse Kropelnicki


Jesse is the founder of QT2 Systems, LLC and; leading providers of personal triathlon coaching and sound sports nutrition. Jesse founded The Run Formula with the vision of creating a unique organization focused on holistic training for runners of all ability levels, in an online team atmosphere. He is the coach of many professional athletes and has had unmatched success in eliciting consistent long-term progress from his athletes, while at the same time keeping them injury free. He has been certified as a USAT Level III coach, NSCA CSCS, and ACSM CpT; has completed USAT's Elite Mentorship Program in Colorado Springs; and has a Master's Degree from Northeastern University. A multiple Ironman finisher, he has qualified and raced at the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, HI three times.  He also holds an open 2:43 marathon time. True to his training as an engineer, Jesse is known for being a logical thinker who takes a detailed, quantitative approach to all facets of endurance sport coaching.

Beth Shutt

Operating Director

Beth grew up with a passion for running and competed in both cross country and track through high school where she set the state 3000 meter record in Pennsylvania and was also a member of a state championship cross country team.  She received a scholarship to run for Penn State University where she captained the cross country team and earned Academic All Big 10 honors in both cross country and track.  After her collegiate running career was over, she continued to race anything from 5K to the marathon, qualifying for the Boston Marathon, before injuries slowed her down.  It was during one particularly bad case of plantar fasciitis in the fall of 2005 that she decided a triathlon might be fun and a way to train hard while remaining healthy.  She didn’t own a bike, nor really know how to swim, but by the summer of 2006 had figured out most of the details enough to finish her first sprint triathlon in Charleston, SC.  And in the process, she fell in love with the sport of triathlon!

Beth continued to race as an age grouper through 2011, qualifying for and competing in Ironman World Championships twice, before turning professional in 2012.  Knowing that she needed more attention to detail to reach the next level of racing, Beth started working with QT2 Systems and Coach Tim Snow in 2013.  Upon starting with QT2, she saw significant improvements across all three disciplines, including running a 3:06 marathon off the bike at Ironman Arizona.

Michelle Joaquin


In 2003 Michelle completed her first Boston Marathon and became hooked on endurance races. She has since completed the New York City, San Diego Rock and Roll, Philly, Chicago, Marine Corps, and Baystate marathons, as well as a three more Boston Marathons. In 2007 Michelle broke into the triathlon scene and has since competed in several short course and long course triathlons, including 6 Ironman distance races: Arizona 2008, Lake Placid 2010, Ironman World Championships 2009 & 2010, Texas 2012 and Florida 2012.

Michelle began as an athlete with QT2 Systems in 2007 under the guidance of Coach Jesse. After following the QT2 protocol, in 2008 Michelle finished the Boston Marathon in a time of 3:19 (PR) and placed 3rd in her age group at the November Ironman Arizona in 10:29:55 (first IM). This performance earned her an Ironman World Championship (Kona) slot. In Kona 2009 Michelle’s run split off the bike was fast enough to use as her qualifying time for 2010’s Boston Marathon.

Michelle has an extreme passion for endurance sports. She has complete confidence in the QT2 and The Run Formula training protocol given the significant improvement of her marathon and triathlon performances, along with countless PR's over the past. Michelle is interested in helping athletes succeed in endurance sports. She plans to use her race experience and the proven QT2 and The Run Formula protocol to empower the athletes she works with. Michelle has found with a little hard work, determination, and the right training program, one can make tremendous strides in endurance sports.

John Spinney


As a coach for The Run Formula, John works with high level and committed runners. In addition to coaching runners John is also a coach for PRO and elite age group triathletes at QT2 Systems. His roster of runners ranges from elite masters marathoners up through ultra-marathoners.  In 2015, John’s athletes ticked off some exciting achievements including invites to the Boston Marathon elite wave, two elite masters women running low 2:50 marathons, one master male who ran 2:37 for marathon, many overall road race wins, a top five finish in a 100 mile trail ultra, and a successful finish of the brutal 155 mile Atacama Crossing (4 Deserts) ultra stage race.

John’s run coaching philosophy is rooted in identification of each runner’s physiology needs as they relate to the goal race distance. He then individualizes the application of training stress, using a proven methodology, to generate race day success. All aspects of high performance running are addressed. These include: durability development, pacing, recovery, body composition, fueling, mobility and bodywork, mental fitness training, as well as preparation for specific aspects and nuances of each event (e.g. terrain, climate, altitude, course, etc...).

John’s own competitive running began with high school and collegiate cross country and currently includes road, trail and mountain running races. He also competes at a high level in triathlon, recently racing Ironman Hawaii, and dabbles in cycling time trials and gravel bike races. This year John is also exploring the sport of ski mountaineering racing (“skimo”). John lives with his wife and their rambunctious Rottweiler named Ludo in the mountains of Vermont.

Lindsay Simpson

Ultra/Trail Coach

Coach Lindsay credits family friend Mrs. P for getting her started with running at age 10. Her love for sweat and smiles in competition grew and continued through high school and the DIII collegiate level. In fact, often her family would jokingly yell “Lindsay go for a run - you’re driving us nuts!”

From 2000 through 2009, she raced triathlons of sprint to half-iron distance. In 2009, with a numb bike butt, she refreshed her competitive drive by turning back to running and honing in on her love for solitude and the trail. Her first 50k in 2010 was a wild success of previously undiscovered pain and exhilaration. Since then, under the guidance of Qt2 / The Run Formula coach and husband John Spinney, Lindsay has refined her training and cut her 50k time by an hour. She continues to expand her mental and physical boundaries with races of 50 miles, 100k and 100 miles. After a rocky venture into 100 milers, in July 2015 Lindsay finally put it together with a finish time of 20:16 on the beautiful Vermont course.

Notably, after a few years of racing ultras, Lindsay went back to the road and thrillingly set a 19 min marathon PR with a time of 3:06 in fall 2015. She then set a half-marathon PR of 1:28 in April 2016. Racing on the road and trail has been a journey. With a few wins, many finishes, and a couple of frustrating DNFs, Lindsay has used all the experience to learn and progress her running, and to develop wisdom for coaching. As a coach, Lindsay brings a full-hearted and structured approach to supporting the whole athlete. She works with athletes to capitalize on their strengths and to work their challenges into performance improvement. 

Lisa Holt


Lisa started running when she was a student of karate at age 5, and hated it. Yet,  Lisa chose to run in HS and fell in love with running while competing in HS and at SUNY Cortland. In 2008, Lisa qualified for the NCAA Division III championships as an individual then a year later helping her team qualify. 

Upon graduating, Lisa moved to Ithaca, NY, where she completed a Masters in Exercise Science and Sports Studies. This is also where Lisa developed her passion for coaching, while working with the women's XC, and Track & Field teams, at Ithaca College. In the fall of 2012, Lisa started working with the women's XC, and Track & Field, programs at Cornell University. 

The while, Lisa continued to train, and ran her first half marathon after graduating from college. While she was dealing with injuries, friends convinced Lisa to participate in her first sprint triathlon. After 5 triathlons, Lisa tackled her first Ironman in 2014, at Lake Placid, and now she's hooked!

As a coach, Lisa aims to grow participation of individuals in endurance sports, and loves working with athletes of all abilities.

Allison Torpey


Allison grew up not playing any sports. She begrudgingly ran with her dad through high school and started getting into running for pleasure only casually after college. It wasn’t until she moved to Portland in the summer of 2012 that Allison began running more seriously, joining a women’s-only track team in the spring of 2013, and signing up for and completing her first marathon, the Portland Marathon, in October of that year.

After dropping her marathon time from 4:02:20 at the Portland Marathon down to a frustrating 3:35:03 at the Eugene Marathon in May 2015 (3 seconds above her Boston qualifying time), Allison decided to take a different approach to training and sought out a program that was based off heart rate rather than pace. Allison began working with Beth Shutt and The Run Formula in July of 2015 and has since dropped her marathon PR another 15 minutes to 3:19:15 at CIM in December 2016. It was here, on her sixth marathon attempt, that she finally qualified for Boston with enough time to spare that her entry for 2018 was guaranteed. Allison is now fully bought into the TRF and heart rate based training methodology and is eager to see where it will take her next.

As a coach, Allison enjoys working with athletes of all abilities, and especially delights in working with those who are newer to running and fitness in general. Allison strives to help athletes build the long-term habits needed to ensure running remains a permanent fixture in their lives, as well as to share with others the lessons in patience and grit that running has taught her.

Jack Pilla

Marathon and Ultra/Trail Coach

Jack was late coming into his running career while in his 40’s but was always an endurance athlete. After his first marathon in 2001, he continued going farther and longer and started to compete in the ultra events in 2004 and has never looked back. Jack can be found running a local fast 5k or traveling to Europe to run a 200+ mile race in the Alps but is happiest when running along mountain summits and on the trails. To date, Jack has run over 80 ultra distance races, 30+ road marathons along with hundreds of other road and trail races.

Past accomplishments include winning the VT 100 Mile Endurance Run in 2009 at the age of 51, finishing in 22nd position overall at the Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc on 2011, the “Tour de France” of Ultra running, completing the Tor Des Geants in 2013, the toughest trail race in the world with 206 miles and 158,000 feet of elevation change in the Alps of Italy. And other wins at Stonecat 50, Finger Lakes 50, Feb-Apple 50, Green Mtn. Marathon, Rollin Irish Half Marathon, is a member of the GMAA USATF National Club Cross Country Championship Team and has a Marathon PR of 2:43:28 at Boston just two months before he turned 50.

Jack has been a personal running coach since 2009 and was the assistant XC coach for the girls at SB High School. He has helped numerous athletes accomplish their running goals whether it’s a win at a 100 mile race or achieving their BQ marathon time or just finishing a challenging race they never thought they could. He is a member of the Green Mountain Athletic Association, NE Regional Promotions and Events Director for Hoka One One and is the Pace team Coordinator for Vermont City Marathon. Jack enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience and hopes to help you accomplish your running goals and will work with you to develop a custom training plan to get results. “My goal is to listen to clients and help them define specific and realistic goals. After reviewing past performances and training methods, I will then develop a training program that will compliment their lifestyle and lead to achieving those goals”.

Kaitlin Curbeau


Kaitlin grew up swimming competitively, but found a love for running during middle school cross country. She went on to swim and run cross country and outdoor track in high school, desperately wanting to be a sprinter though excelling in the mid-distance and distance events. She chose to focus on swimming at Bentley College, and also ran a season of outdoor track. Post-college, she switched her focus to running and pursued a lifelong goal to qualify and run the Boston Marathon. She’s since completed 4 marathons, many half marathons and other road races. She holds a marathon PR of 2:53 and a half marathon PR of 1:20.

After dealing with some running injuries, she decided to join a masters swim team and buy a bike - completing her first triathlon in the spring of 2012. Working with QT2 and Coach Tim, she was able to quickly move up the ranks from beginner to pro, and successfully reached her goal of competing at ironman distance events.

Kaitlin has coached a variety of ages and abilities in swimming and running. As a coach, she is passionate about helping others achieve their goals, whether it be to finish their first 5k, to run a personal best, or to qualify for the Boston Marathon. She strongly believes in the The Run Formula training and racing principles, and is excited to share her knowledge and experience with others.

Courtney Kutler


Courtney discovered endurance sports later in life. After graduating college and moving to Vermont, she completed her first road race, a 5K, at the age of 22. She then ventured into longer events and completed her first marathon in 2000. She loved the discipline and challenge that endurance running provided, and she especially enjoyed the social aspect of the local running community. In 2002, she was introduced to speed work and trained with a coach; she quickly learned the importance of a structured and purposeful plan. She was able to shave over an hour off of her marathon time and achieve her first Boston qualifying time! 20 marathons later; it’s safe to say she’s hooked!

In 2007, Courtney was introduced to the sport of triathlon by a running friend. She loved the variety of the training as well as the many intricacies involved with training and competing in triathlon. She has competed in all distances from sprint to Ironman and has enjoyed many podium finishes as well as Age Group Nationals qualifications.

Running paved the way for a career in the fitness industry. Through her 17 years at the EDGE, Courtney has been a swim instructor, a personal trainer, a cycling instructor, a run coach, fitness director and club manager. As a mother of an active 5 year old, she knows what it takes to balance family, work, and training. She strongly believes that it is important to make time for yourself, so you can be your best in all other aspects of your life! Courtney will help you set realistic goals, hold you accountable while allowing flexibility, and make training and racing both fun and enjoyable!

Reem Jishi


Reem first entered the world of triathlon in 2000 as a way to escape the daily pressures of her career as an attorney. Triathlon, and later cycling and running, became her savior. For the next 10 years, Reem continued in the corporate world, but always found the time to train and race. In 2010, Reem retired from Corporate America and opened Gazella Training, a fitness studio and coaching business in upstate New York. In that position, she worked with dozens of triathletes, cyclists and runners of all levels - from first 5K athlete to National Champion. During this time, Reem continued to advance her knowledge of the sport, receiving her RRCA Run Coach Certification in 2016, and Level 2 Triathlon Certification in early 2018. Reem joined OutRival Racing in 2018.

Reem was a three year varsity athlete in indoor and outdoor track in high school. She took a long break from it, and although she appreciated the sport as a means to achieving a goal (staying fit, participating in triathlon), for many years, she did not love to run. After taking time off from running to focus on cycling, Reem returned to running in 2009 and something clicked. She found running as an amazing escape and an experience to be enjoyed in and of itself. Since then, she has participated in running events of all distances, and raced the Boston Marathon in 2016.

Over the years, Reem has coached runners of all levels, from first 5Ks, to half marathons to Boston qualifiers. Every athlete has a different story and reason for why he or she entered the world of competitive racing. But, to succeed, every athlete must have a goal and commit to it. Reem will help you find your goal and work with your real life to find a way to succeed. Reem’s training philosophy is that if you commit to yourself, she will commit to you. Your goals become her goals. Dream big and achieve more.

Amy Rusiecki

Marathon and Ultra/Trail Coach

Amy used to consider herself a cross country skier who ran for most of her youth, competing in both cross country running and cross country skiing through middle school, high school, and DIII College. With a focus on xc skiing, her best season was finishing 3rd overall collegiate nationals, and helping her team win a National Title. Post-collegiate, it was harder and harder to ski at the same level, and ultimately she shifted her focus to running.

Her running-focused journey started with road racing up to the marathon distance. A few injuries lead to several seasons of triathlons and bike racing. Ultimately, after a dare with a friend to run a 50-mile race, Amy fell in love with trail running and ultras. She has three times represented the USA at World Trail Championships, her best finish was at the 2013 World Trail Champs where she was the top American and 15th female. Amy has raced up and down the East Coast (and a bit around the world), and ultimately enjoys running no matter the distance, terrain, or location – she just wants to be pushing her body, meeting amazing people, and having epic experiences.

Amy has been coaching for 18 years now, working with High School and College running and xc ski teams, being named ‘Coach of the Year’ three times. She started personal running coaching for ultra and trail runners in 2014. Since then, she has helped runners focus training towards their goals such as achieving their first sub-24-hour 100-mile finish, breaking 140-miles in a 24 hour race, and achieving a BQ marathon. She enjoys working with all athletes, because she honestly believes that through hard work and dedication, anyone can achieve their goals!

Beyond running, coaching (and her full time job as an environmental engineer), Amy also directs the Vermont 100 Endurance Race, Seven Sisters Trail Race, and Chesterfield Gorge Races. She’s sponsored by Inov-8 shoes and Drymax socks.

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